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We Promote Storytellers

We amplify the voices of African digital storytellers helping them to reach and connect with a wider audience.

We Educate Storytellers

We impart storytelling knowledge and skills to grassroots storytellers through expert-curated webinars, workshops, and courses.

We Celebrate storytellers

We identify, recognise, and celebrate outstanding African digital storytellers through The annual Afrobloggers Awards.

African Bloggers

Celebrating Africa's Everyday Storytellers

The Cheeky Natives: Yours in literature

"At the time we established the podcast, it was motivated by what we felt was a dearth of critical engagement with the work of Black writers." Read More "The Cheeky Natives: Yours in literature"

Travel Blogging with Ericotrips

Ericotrips is an award-winning travel blog by Lagos-based avid storyteller and traveler Eromonsele Oigiagbe What do you seek to achieve through sharing your travel adventures,... Read More "Travel Blogging with Ericotrips"

Valery Shaninga: A peep into my lifestyle.

Namibian blogger Valery Shaninga explains to Afrobloggers how she started blogging, and how niching down has helped her grow. Read More "Valery Shaninga: A peep into my lifestyle."

Rogers Wanambwa on the value of collaborations.

Rogers Wanambwa shares the vision he has for his blog, his creative process, and the value he derives from collaborating with other bloggers Read More "Rogers Wanambwa on the value of collaborations."

Mable Amuron, the bubbling blogger from Uganda

Meet the bubbly writer from Uganda Mable Amuron whose life mission is to cheer up people through her blog: the growing pains Read More "Mable Amuron, the bubbling blogger from Uganda"

Rachel Eyo: How to start a successful YouTube Channel

Rachel Eyo is a Nigerian award-winning booktuber. Read her advice on how to start a YouTube channel, and how to balance your time if you have a full-time job elsewhere. Read More "Rachel Eyo: How to start a successful YouTube Channel"

Getrude Gwenzi: Retaining privacy while sharing the personal

Getrude Gwenzi, a Zimbabwean social scientist shares about the value she derives from having a blog and how she retains her privacy while sharing personal experiences Read More "Getrude Gwenzi: Retaining privacy while sharing the personal"

Ceeces Travel: How to turn a blog into a brand.

This is my story on how I started Cecces travel as a blog and grew it into a travel and lifestyle brand that you see today! Read More "Ceeces Travel: How to turn a blog into a brand."

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