Rogers Wanambwa on the value of collaborations.
Rogers Wanambwa on the value of collaborations.

Rogers Wanambwa on the value of collaborations.

Rogers Wanambwa is a 25-year-old Ugandan, currently working as a Community Manager for a Public Relations Company called NileValley Communications. He is also a Content Writer for Kampala International University and is a holder of a Diploma in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Business Administration (majoring in Finance and Accounting) Degree.

How my blogging began

I have always loved reading and writing, since my childhood. A number of people noticed this and introduced me to writing more elaborately and professionally. Rackara a friend who is also a blogger introduced me to the world of blogging where I found that I could express my thoughts with abandon. I have never looked back.

My blog’s first anniversary came in August of 2020. In this first year, I managed to do twenty-six (26) collaborations with different people all over the world! I wrote 270 articles, made friends across the African continent and beyond. My blog had over 6290 views. But mostly I celebrate the great discussions I have had through my writing and the satisfaction of seeing my work out there.

My vision is to make my blog a hub of reference for many subjects that come up in people’s discussions, especially within the African context of things because my writing intention is to give the world an African perspective on dialogues of importance.

My creative process

Just like many people, I also struggle with writers’ block. Finding enough time for the blog is not easy given that I have a full-time job and I am still studying. But in the times that I get to create here is how I do it:

Firstly, I get an idea to write about. I write it down, I have hundreds of notes that I adorably call “one-liners” since most of them are just one-sentence thoughts. From these, I pick one to write about and proceed to do research because I love including statistics in my work. After research, I commit one hour to write the article, review it, and publish it.

I then use social media, and word of mouth to promote the post. Sometimes I share with colleagues in my other fields of work. I believe that if your work is good, it will get to those that need it eventually, it is just a matter of time.

My vision is to make my blog a hub of reference, providing an African perspective on the various subjects that come up in people’s discussions.

Rogers Wanambwa On collaborations…

Collaborations, like business partnerships, go beyond the scope of the subject matter. Besides making new friends from which you exchange ideas, and knowledge, your work gets more visibility. You tap into the network of your collaborations and sometimes their recommendations do wonders. It also offers me the chance to guide new bloggers, which I enjoy tremendously.

2 books I would recommend
  • The 12 Universal Laws of Success by Herbert Harris,
  • The Holy Bible (which I keep quoting)
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  1. I felt the power in this but I also felt someone who was reaching out and wanting to be heard. I almost felt like standing and throwing warm hugs. I commented earlier but I’m not sure if it went through or not so I will try and rephrase what I had said. Gender is almost like a taboo in most African countries. It’s so hard for most to talk about. One way or the other, we all have to be inclusive and share the fruits of this world. The first thing we need is to cultivate ways to understand each other and I think we can do it through dialogue. I’m here to learn, love and understand people and I think this piece is a great way to go about understanding us and those around us. Thank you for opening up your emotions!

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