Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How can Afrobloggers help me to get into blogging?

We take you through blogging tutorials as part of a group or one on one sometimes. Get in touch with us via our WhatsApp platform

How can I be featured on Afrobloggers platforms?

Depending on when we have probably discovered about your work all our platform features are randomly done. However,  to be featured on our Blog spotlight series, send us an email on for consideration.

Where is Afrobloggers based?

Our founders are based in Zimbabwe. Afrobloggers is web-based and does not have any physical offices. Our team is dotted across the African continent to enable easy flow of our work.

How can I become a member of Afrobloggers

To become an Afrobloggers member send us an application request via our membership page 

As an established blogger, why do I need Afrobloggers

We share your work on our platforms and help you reach new audiences. Our community is a place you can network and make friends with other creatives.

Is Afrobloggers a registered entity?

We are a registered Trust operating as a non profit making entity under Zimbabwean Law. Registration number MA0001513

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