Rachel Eyo: How to start a successful YouTube Channel
Rachel Eyo: How to start a successful YouTube Channel

Rachel Eyo: How to start a successful YouTube Channel

The Afrobloggers spotlight series helps you to discover and connect with African digital storytellers from all around the globe. In this feature, we spotlight Nigerian award-winning blogger: Rachel Eyo

Hello there!

I am Rachel Eyo a lawyer, booktuber, blogger, podcaster, and mental health advocate. I am passionate about literature, psychology, and inspiring people in positive ways.

What does Rachel Eyo do, and Why?

I run a blog, a Youtube channel, and a Podcast. Through blogging on racheleyo.me , I seek to inspire, encourage and motivate people/readers to take positive life-changing actions, step out of their comfort zones, live life to the fullest, and prioritize their mental health.

It is my desire to, through my Youtube channel Books with Rachel Eyo, be able to encourage more Nigerians and Africans, in general, to read more, appreciate more African literature, and cultivate a reading habit. I strive to make reading and book-related discussions more fun and entertaining in a way that positively influences readers and potential readers.

I would like to be remembered as someone who inspires people to believe that they can, conquer fear and get started

Through podcasting on the Life and Lemons Podcast, it is my desire to build a platform that destigmatizes mental health, topics, and issues in Nigeria and a platform where Nigerians can listen to real conversations and discussions on prevailing mental health issues in our society as well as gain useful tips on how to stay mentally healthy.

Rachel Eyo’s Youtube creative process

First, I read a book I want to review or I do some research on a book tag or challenge I want to participate in. Next, I jot down speaking notes on my observations on the book in terms of characterization, development of the plot, themes, writing style, and so on. Where it is a non-fiction book, I take down lessons learned or points that stood out to me.

My favorite part of the creative process is reading the book and talking about it afterward because I’m passionate about books!

Afterward, I record a video using the speaking notes. I use my phone camera and a tripod to record. I typically record book reviews on the weekend after I’m done reading the book so that my emotions are still fresh and raw. Then, I edit the videos using an app on my phone and upload them on my YouTube channel. I usually record about 4-6 videos every weekend so I can spread them out over the coming week while I’m working during the day, so posts are scheduled.

It’s not always easy but it’s rewarding…

I recently celebrated my first-year anniversary as a booktuber. My biggest challenge over the past year was consistency. In the early months, I struggled with uploading videos consistently irrespective of how life was behind the scenes. Also, balancing my daytime job (being a lawyer) with finding time to read books and editing videos.

Award-winning booktuber: Rachel Eyo

My biggest gain would be the community of book lovers and book readers I have been exposed to. I have made a lot of lovely acquaintances through my video blog and have been able to influence potential readers and book readers to read more and enjoy what they read. Also, the discipline and consistency I have imbibed in my creative process have stuck with me in other aspects of my life.

Interestingly enough, my first book review video on the book, the Mastery of Self (which is a book I love so much) recently reached over a thousand views! I was so unsure about posting it because I wasn’t so good at recording or editing and almost gave up on the channel altogether. I have no idea why people loved it so much, in all honesty,? but hey, It’s these little things that keep us going!.

My advice to those who want to start a YouTube channel

A few things: I would say find a niche you’re passionate about, be consistent with uploading as hard as it may be in the beginning, be patient with yourself in the first few months, have fun and enjoy the process, and do not be too obsessed with views and subscribers. Also, as tempting as it may be, don’t do “sub 4 sub”.

I actually did a video on this on my YouTube channel (especially if it’s considered a small or unpopular niche), sharing some advice and tips that have helped me grow my channel, and people can check that out if they are interested, watch it below.

Rachel Eyo shares on How to start a YouTube channel

And if you have a full-time job like me, one thing I’ve realized is that managing time as a content creator while working a full-time job, requires a lot of hard work, discipline, and consistency. But, I would say limit distractions as much as possible, have a weekly or daily to-do list, record at least 3-5 videos over the weekend (if possible) so there are videos to upload during the week, write down creative ideas as they come to you (in a notepad or you note app) and plan the content you want to create beforehand. Also, have a notebook for speaking notes if you intend to create videos.

As a bookaholic here are some of my favourite books:
Rachel Eyo’s Favourite books

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