WinterABC2023 is Coming
WinterABC2023 is Coming

WinterABC2023 is Coming

As the days get get shorter and the nights get longer the temperatures south of equatorial Africa get lower and lower leaving one possible conclusion in Game Of Thrones speak…

Winter Is Coming

That also means its time again for the Afrobloggers Storytelling Festival WinterABC. Gather around as we did in days of old and celebrate all things Africa in #WinterABC2023.

Celebrate African Storytellers

You Are Invited!

We invite you to be part of this tradition which is now in its fifth year running, with storytellers from across the length and breadth of the continent and sometimes beyond. Come and partake in tales and topics diverse in views and perspective but bound with a common purpose: to own our narrative.

Our inaugural WinterABC Festival was in June of 2019 and has grown in participation and reach.

How To Be A Part Of WinterABC2023

  • Participate as a Content Creator

This when you undertake to blog in June under the different themes and topics for each week and day.

  • Participate as Audience

Someone will still need to read and share the content that is created! If you cant write, you can read, comment and share, make the circles bigger.

  • Partnership and Collaboration

We have had wonderful collaborations and partnerships from people and organisations of all walks of life and if you are moved to take a more active role with Afrobloggers our hearts and doors are open.

  • Suggestions of topics and prompts

One of the founding principles behind WinterABC was to celebrate African Creativity and ignite conversations. There are some stories and subjects that get overlooked and so we look for those stories from you, what converations should we be having or starting, in our homes and communities?

celebrating African Creativity

Also let it not be said we simply picked our own prompts, we are community, add your voice. You can add your topic or suggestion for WinterABC2023 by clicking on the link below.

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