WinterABC2022 Storytelling Festival
WinterABC2022 Storytelling Festival

WinterABC2022 Storytelling Festival

WinterABC is a month-long storytelling festival commencing from the 1st of June each year. This is the 4th year running and we are inviting all African bloggers to create content for the 22 weekdays of June. The weekends are reserved for resting, planning out content and networking. Read more about WinterABC here.

Each year is always different….

For WinterABC2021 we had no specific topics we simply had weekly themes serving as a guide to content creation whilst previously we used to suggest daily topics. This year we have a hybrid structure where there still are weekly themes but at least two posts have been put forward by organisations partnering with Afrobloggers for the 2022 Storytelling festival. Remember you have artistic freedom to interpret and adapt the articles in a way that resonates with your blog or niche. Some topics carry a prize. Check out the terms and conditions of sponsored topics

Stories Of Home
1- 3 June 2022
While the global conversation now embraces storytelling as a necessary tool in putting across a message, its a skillset that has been in our legacy passed from generation to generation. Stories of home is to introduce us to your home, how you grew up and the experiences with stories, storytelling and their impact.
Stories Of Africa
6-10 June 2022
Moving from home we expand our world to the motherland Africa. Stories Of Africa is about capturing the diversity that stitches us together; culture, tradition, fashion, travel, food, art, music.
Stories Of Awareness
13-17 June 2022
Stories Of Awareness raising awareness and championing advocacy on the things we need to pause and reflect on; the change we want to see in our rights, our narratives, our perspectives, well-being, the things that would make our lives better.
Stories Of Our World
20-24 June 2022
For now, we have Earth and there’s no Planet B. How are we interfacing with the world around us from digital ecosystems to ecological ecosystems, our environment, global pandemics, climate change, conservation, alternative energy, natural, resources, flora nad fauna… Stories Of Our World
Stories Of Innovation
27-30 June 2022
We wrap up the festival with stories of things unexpected and things different, Stories Of Innovation new ways of thinking coming from the normal, business opportunities, better ways of doing things, things that are obvious upon being explained yet carrying a profound insight… dazzle us with the out of the box thoughts, but first, there is no box.

WinterABC Partnered Topics

Week 1 Stories Of Home

Bhala Writers “Write a short story set in an African city of your choice, in which a particular landmark plays a crucial role”
Afripods “What role do African storytellers play, if any in keeping the history of the continent alive?”

Week 2 Stories Of Africa

Africaniwa “A story which begins or ends with the proverb: Until the Lion Begins To Write, The Stories Would Glorify The Hunter”
African Writers Trust “First book that ever introduced you to African literature”

Week 3 Stories Of Awareness

Miss Albinisim Zimbabwe Trust 13 June International Albinism Awareness Day “Write a reflective piece on the daily lived experiences of Persons with Albinism/ My reflections commemorating the international day of albinism awareness”
Teakisi “African Women”

Week 4 Stories Of Our World

InfluencerZW “Social Media”
Afrorep “African Spirituality”

Week 5 Stories Of Innovation

“Unforgettable mind games”
“How play healed me”

When you post an article share it on social media using the hashtag #WinterABC2022. Follow the Hashtag to read, listen or watch content shared during this period. During the weekends no content will be posted, do check out other people’s sites and leave some constructive comments. This is a great time to have fun, network, and learn from each other.

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