WinterABC2021: 22 Days Blogging Festival
WinterABC2021: 22 Days Blogging Festival

WinterABC2021: 22 Days Blogging Festival

WinterABC2021 is a month-long storytelling festival commencing on 1 June 2021. We are inviting all African bloggers to create content for the 22 days leading to 30 June 2021, save for the weekends which are reserved for resting, and networking. Read more about WinterABC here.

This year is different…

Unlike the past 2 years where we have shared 22 Topics, WinterABC2021 has weekly themes to guide your content creation! This is so that you do not feel excluded nor limited as a result of topics that may not align with your site’s objectives. Adopt the theme as your inspiration, create content that aligns with your site, one post per day for the whole month of June excluding weekends! This Festival is open to all Africans (Blogs, Podcasts and Vlogs)

Creatives Week
1- 4 June 2021
The past year has been difficult for everyone, but it affected creatives differently with the lockdowns and all. Use this week to share stories about the creative life, showcase the people, the struggles opportunities, and much more. Remember
:2021 is the Year of the Creative Economy and Sustainable Development!
Advocacy Week
7-11 June 2021
We all have that something we wish the world around us could pause and reflect on, to bring change and make the world better. Tell us stories about your world with a focus on the keyword “advocacy” Could be mental Health, LGBTQI, or the way foreign aid is developing Africa. Is it? Maybe you want to talk about why we should blog; the list is endless!
Business & Tech Week
14-18 June 2021
Remember that brand you have always wanted to work for? That worst customer experience you once had? Don’t forget what Tech has done to your world. This week is open to all your Business and Tech related stories. The world is wrapped in the fingers of capitalism while the tech guys have got all our attention, think about it!
Culture & Fashion Week
21-25 June 2021
We know you cannot wait to tell us about what’s in your closet and where you bought it. Did you know the Second-hand clothing industry is set to hit $64Billion in the next 5 Years? What do you call this industry in your country? What are we without our culture? What does culture mean to you? Take us on a ride of stories related to everything fashion and culture during this week!
Storytelling Week
28-30 June 2021
It’s the last 3 days and we want to end the Festival on a high note with a dosage of your own tales. Tell us a story!
There is a Prize to be won!

We are giving away US$100 to the most outstanding blogger, podcaster, or vlogger who is going to be chosen by fellow bloggers via a nomination process. For competition registration, terms and conditions visit this page.

Lets have Fun!

After you have created and published your content on any day, share it on social media using the hashtag #WinterABC2021. We will be following this hashtag like everyone else waiting to read, listen or watch your content! During the weekends no content will be posted, do check out other people’s sites and leave some constructive comments. This is a great time to have fun, network, and learn from each other!

For all inquiries and suggestions, contact us on WhatsApp or join our Twitter Space on Saturday, 22 May 2021, 2000HRS CAT.


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