Treasures Of Africa
Treasures Of Africa

Treasures Of Africa

TREASURES OF AFRICA, by Nozibelo Mpofu

Are You Worthy?
Isn’t it a wonder that all the Treasures of Africa (tourist attractions) are and can only be found in Africa, ‘the dark continent’? I’m taking to you, my brothers and sisters from Africa.

We are the custodians of these majestic gifts that the Creator gifted us with and trusted us enough to appreciate and preserve them since time immemorial. The Almighty saw it fit for you and I, and our forbearers, to behold in awe and enjoy the magnificence of these great treasures.

Surely you and I are worthy of these and so much more, yet we doubt ourselves, feel inferior and ill-equipped to live life to the fullest 🤔?

Africa, let us arise and embrace our true identity of being the capable, worthy, intelligent, highly sought-after, solutions powerhouses that we truly are!

“If you do not tell your story, someone else will rise up and tell it their own way..”

(inspired by the story shared by Africaniwa titled “Who Discovered Mungo Park” during an Afrobloggers Meetup)

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