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In September we invited those interested and those brave enough to share on scams they have encountered for what was dubbed #Scamtember month. Hitting the publish button is never easy, more so when you share from the not so pleasant experiences where you were not in control. When you learnt those life lessons from which experience is the best teacher.

Whats is Scamtember?

The Scamtember theme was prompted by the alarming increase in the number of online fraud, particularly during the Lockdown period. In the UK by April online fraud had risen by 33%. From the start of Lockdown to June 2020, Action Fraud which is the national centre for reporting cybercrime and fraud within the UK had 16,352 reports of cybercrime and fraud amounting to £16.6 million.

Scam and online fraud scamtember

The way the internet turns the world into a global village means that if cybercrime can find a victim in the UK, it can just as easily find it’s your way into your inbox, messages or email. Stay vigilant on the internet, if you are offered opportunities that seem too good to be true, check them up, Google the companies and email addresses, don’t just sign up to fly by night investment opportunities.

For Scamtember we weren’t limiting to cybercrimes but all open to all sorts of chicanery stories. Check out links to some of the bloggers who shared their scam stories

ScamTember Articles

 Connie shared the Scamtember story of a car scam in Hello You Won A Car.

Themkare shared an incident when someone saw it fit to help themselves to their phone in When It Rains It Pours and before that had written about losing another phone in The Hustle is Real I was conned off my phone while job searching

KintugiBlog dished out some retail advice in Your Favourite Retailer Might Be Scamming You and a human interest story about how a prank turned Wiseman’s fortune around in A Bad Prank, Scam’s Silver Lining: The Wiseman Story

Vimbai posted an article on house hunting in Zimbabwe which is Not For The Faint Hearted

On BecomingTheMuse the uncle of bloggers posted a medley of ScamTember Tales Tag ranging from serious to humorous vulnerability in never trust a skinny chef and other people.

September might be over but you can still write your Scam Themed Stories especially if you are looking for article ideas for October and beyond, remember Pingback to this post so we can find you.

Have you fallen for a scam or encountered one? Share with us.

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