Relive Childhood Games with Qweshunga
Relive Childhood Games with Qweshunga

Relive Childhood Games with Qweshunga

Qweshunga in partnership with Afrobloggers is inviting you to relive your childhood game memories with an exciting competition where you stand a chance to win a prize!

Submit a story centered on the games you played as a child to before the 15th of September 2021. Your story must bring back to life the fun, the lessons, and the impact these games had on you, your friends, family and community!

The aims of this competition is to tap into our imagination, invigorate our souls and spark our creativity by reminiscing about our childhood play and games. What has changed, what is the current generation of children missing, what do you wish you had done more of in terms of play as a child, what inhibitors pose a threat to play today?  What value do they add to your life, work and relationships?

Terms and Conditions

  1. Stories submitted outside the deadline date will not be considered
  2. Previously published work will not be accepted
  3. Story submissions must be between 300 – 500 words
  4. Prizes: Best story US$100, 1st Runner Up US$60, 2nd Runner Up US$40
  5. Best 15 Stories will be published on the Qweshunga Website.
  6. This competition is open to Africans only
  7. The staff of Afrobloggers and Qweshunga are not eligible.

About Qweshunga- Inspire, Play, Live

This is a space is to inspire people to play enough with all that is within their reach so that they can live. It is a timely and much needed tool and space to heal communities from various anxieties, stress, mental and societal pressures, among others. QWESHUNGA comes from the runyankole- runyakitara (Ugandan tribe) word, “OMWESHUNGO” to mean playfulness.

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