OMT’s Digest: Aspire to Inspire (a blog review)
OMT’s Digest: Aspire to Inspire (a blog review)

OMT’s Digest: Aspire to Inspire (a blog review)

OMT’S Digest is a blog that seeks to inspire and motivate through articles informed by real life experiences, research and opinion. The blogger behind this marvelous site is a Ghanaian woman, who is also a mother, a wife, and an accountant.

The blog in summary…

If you are a career woman looking for answers, inspiration and considering starting your own family this blog is for you. This blog also opens a window through which men can understand what women go through juggling between roles from being a wife, a mother and having an 8-5 career.

Religion and Inspiration

This category is about OMT’s christian faith. Sharing meditations from her bible studies , she inspires you to ponder some difficult questions, like: “Why did God harden Pharaoh’s heart? “

Business and Finance

Being an accountant it seems befitting that her blog explores the business side of life also. Offering some excellent excel tutorials and showcasing different people who are indulging in some entrepreneurial hustles.

Family corner

OMT’s Digest appears to have been started as a family blog. In her tales of motherhood she explores pregnancy, loss and raising children. You will also find personal accounts from guest mothers who share their own experiences too.

What I loved…

  • Every blogger knows that it so difficult to share from one’s life experiences while avoiding disclosing so much about yourself. OMT’s blogger does this exceptionally well.
  • The random inspirational quotes, and guest posts helps with consistency. She sets a great example of how one can consistently blog even without time for lengthy research.
  • The blog has a great menu tab making it so easy to navigate between the various categories found on the site.
  • Many categories straddling different subjects makes the blog a place for everyone.

What can be improved?

Although the many categories are helping by providing something for everyone, I feel the blog should narrow its focus to a few subjects.

Focusing on a niche, say “Family ” helps the blogger to become an “expert” in that particular field. This is attractive to brands who would want to work with you in the future. It is difficult for brands to single out a category in a basket of categories focusing on a very wide spectrum of subjects.

The categories can be retained but all focusing on a single theme. Using the example of Family, the blogger can write about business,career life and religion, all in the context of family,


OMT’s Digest has great potential of turning into a big family brand or even a company. I couldn’t help but draw some parallels with this South African blog : You Baby and I

Do you have an experience to share? OMT is open to anyone who wants to share experiences for the benefit of others. Just send your story to to be featured on their blog.

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