NeverEndingABC – Tanaka
NeverEndingABC – Tanaka

NeverEndingABC – Tanaka

Previously on the NeverEndingABC…. an Afrobloggers Chain Story where a different author contributes to the story, like the links in a chain…. The previous story ends with Mona being tasked to walk through walls. To read the previous story visit BecomingUbu

“I know, it feels hard but if you could walk through trees surely an invisible wall shouldn’t be anything to you,” her grandmother said whilst sipping on what seemed to be ice-cold water.

“How am I supposed to do this grandmother?”

“Stop fearing pain my darling.”

The wall represented a lot of things for Mona. It all started when she discovered her powers. She knew that it meant everything was going to change and it required a lot of courage for her to face her new life. The wall symbolized overcoming all the fears that plagued her thoughts in that very moment which were being fueled by the hunger. She really needed to eat.

“My child, why are you so afraid?”

“I do not know what to do grandmother, where do I start?”

“Start from your heart. That is the secret.”

Grandmother was wise but she was not making sense. What did the heart know about walking through a wall? What did grandmother mean? As she wrestled with her thought she noticed grandmother devouring the food and enjoying herself. The sadza was even glowing, either that or she was really hungry. That’s when it hit her, grandmother’s words started to make sense. Her heart yearned for food in that very moment. It was not the food but what the food meant, the food was the reward for walking through the wall.

Mona gathered all the courage and strength that was left in her and started to concentrate on the wall. She could feel her body becoming lighter and a sudden burst of energy hit her body. She started walking, slowly at first and started to increase her pace faster and faster until she could feel the wall in front of her and stopped. A little self-doubt flashed through her mind but she was determined to walk through the wall. She took closed her eyes and concentrated on the wall, she imagined it as a waterfall and swiftly crossed it.

“You made it my child, I am so proud of you. Sit down and eat”

Mona could see how proud grandmother was, it was written all over her face. The food was much better than she had imagined and definitely worth it. She thought this was her hardest lesson but grandmother had bigger plans for her it seemed.

“This is just the first test. Tomorrow we train again.”

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