NeverEndingABC Story –  Nicole
NeverEndingABC Story – Nicole

NeverEndingABC Story – Nicole

Previously on the NeverEndingABC…. an Afrobloggers Chain Story where a different author contributes to the story, like the links in a chain…. The previous story ends with Mona being Mona again and she can walk through trees — To read the previous instalment in full visit Kadali.Bartlet – Never Ending Story

Fascinated with her ability to walk through trees, Grandma Kai invited Mona to sit down on a small rock.

“Mona you are very strong but your fears have created so many barriers in your life, at one point you are happy and few moments later you are sad and trapped. But your journey to a fearless life has just began.”

At the back of her mind she had a lot of questions about Grandma Kai being a witch and not an angel.

Grandma Kai stretched her hand to lift her up and smiled.

They started walking in the desert, feeling the warm sand, surrounded by sand dunes. Mona felt liberated.

Grandma Kai continued speaking

“Your first lesson is to know that you are capable of doing anything you set your mind to. There are no limitations in life.”

Mona could not believe she is getting advice from a witch in the middle of a desert.

Without any hesitation, Mona asked Grandma Kai why she was a witch and not an angel.

Mona’s eyes were filled with curiosity

“Sometimes you have to choose the unexpected to make a difference.”

Curiosity never felt so unfulfilled

Mona felt powerless.

Grandma Kai touched Mona’s cheek and looked straight into her eyes.

“I know you have a lot of questions but we are here to eliminate the fears trapped inside of you and replace them with endless joy and freedom.”

Mona smiled but her curiosity grew.

This instalment of the NeverEndingABC was submitted by Nicole who blogs at

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