Fiona Laker: Tales of a curious mind (blog review)
Fiona Laker: Tales of a curious mind (blog review)

Fiona Laker: Tales of a curious mind (blog review)

Fiona Laker is “a health and lifestyle blogger, Medical Student and Poet – Who is enthusiastic about Health Care Delivery, Freedoms , Africa, Christianity and Literary Arts.”

Fiona Laker
Fiona Laker

The Blog

Her blog Tales of a Curious mind is a fascinating archive of Fiona’s evolution as she discovers her voice through passionately writing poetry and critically questioning the world around her. Fiona is awakening.

Reading is Fiona’s all time love. It is evident in the book reviews that she shares. What I loved about the reviews is that they have no spoilers yet they are enough to make you yearn for the book.

The category with many articles is Life Series. This is where you will have life changing conversations with Fiona. Her conversations will make you rethink your beliefs, culture and your view of the world. Fiona’s strength lies in looking at issues beyond the social media noise and generalization for likes.

Being a medical student writing about health comes natural to Fiona. Her passion for health care delivery will give you a dosage of health tips and analysis of health matters in the African and Ugandan context.

Some days I love to paint the pain as raw as it is. Other days I do sarcasm. In a bid not to stay silent on the things that matter

Fiona Laker

What I loved

Fiona’s monthly recaps were as reflective as they were refreshing. I also enjoyed reading the Guest posts by other bloggers which is a great way of freshening up the site with a different tone and voice.

The blog is a community because Fiona Laker is conversational. She replies comments and has build loyal readership. Its not easy to get people to comment your blog posts, but Fiona’s conversational tone of writing makes people want to share their thoughts with her.

Fiona is inviting in her writing because you can easily feel that the words are coming from a genuine place.

What can be improved?

  • I had trouble navigating the site for lack of a menu or an archive widget. The archive widget is good when your site dates back more that 2 years people can choose the month they want to check out easily. I worked with the category widget though.
  • The about page which appears on the menu is untouched and has a WordPress sample post. This is the page first time visitors always check to assess weather the blogger is worthy of their time.
  • Some articles had comments closed not sure if it was by design.
  • Fiona hasn’t been bothering with her blog aesthetics as the social media icons (Facebook and Instagram) are not connected to any page.


Tales of a curious mind is an interesting blog with great engaging thoughtful content. I feel it can do much more better if Fiona took an hour to deal with its appearance.

Fiona Laker’s intriguing reviews had me yearning for Michelle Obama’s Becoming– a book I have avoided so many times. I give it to her, she is an excellent book reviewer.

Images Credit/ Fiona Laker Instagram


  1. Thank you so much for this review.
    I must admit I had never sat down to consider revamping the blog but this was all the push I needed.

    Also I will probably buy land in space because of this arrivism! ?
    I have made it in life

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