Coping in the time of the Pandemic: Monicah Wangari
Coping in the time of the Pandemic: Monicah Wangari

Coping in the time of the Pandemic: Monicah Wangari

My name is Monicah Wangari. I am a certified financial analyst by profession with an affinity for writing and the outdoors. When I began blogging, the main motivation was to chronicle some of the big and little joys and experiences in life. My domain name is, created from my name. Kare is short for Wangari.

My Blogging journey

Monicah Wangari
Kenyan Blogger Monicah Wangari

I started writing short articles back in 2017. I began with a free WordPress account then later bought my domain. Through the years, I believe my writing has evolved and I love to see it. Often, I go back to my earlier articles and reread them. I laugh at how witty some articles are. I reconnect with myself every time I read my work.

Keeping a website for me means keeping my memories alive. I love seeing how far I’ve come. And connecting with people who share in my interests is a bonus. 

When the pandemic struck..

I thought it was the end of the world. I think I was almost depressed. But somehow, just like other people, I found the strength to get through and keep pushing. Fortunately and am grateful to God, I didn’t lose my job as it had been a trend during this period. Going to work felt like an extreme sport as it meant interacting with other people. But it also kept my mind busy.

I took the time to really focus more on myself and reconnect with who I am and my family. Life is short and precious. And these days, I am working on having a better perspective of everything that life has offered me. I am trying to feel more fulfilled with the simple tasks, giving myself grace, being patient, and cheering myself for every little accomplishment.

Monicah Wangari enjoying the outdoors
Monica enjoying the outdoor

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