Blog Review: Hands of a lonely boy
Blog Review: Hands of a lonely boy

Blog Review: Hands of a lonely boy

Hands of a lonely Boy is s a poetry blog by a mysterious poet from Ghana who goes by the name PK (@Pe_kayy) on Twitter.

Once you set foot on the blog the melanin art captures your mind. The poems introduce you to a world of black consciousness ,melanin celebration and ebonyic appreciation.

The poet has amazingly mastered the use of imagery to bring his poems to life. When you read the poems it feels like you are taking part in creation. Each word gives limbs to the poem, by the final line, the poem takes a life of it’s own. It jumps from the page and begins to live in your mind. Such is his magnificent use of imagery. His diction uses body parts, expertly woven with nature to create a comfortable love making experience with the reader.

The poet is conscious of black struggle as he hints in his poem I too:

I’ m trying to pray for freedom for the one we have is not enough…

The blogger makes it known that despite black people being despised there is something royal about them:

Black is a world Housed in flames Glowing softly in crystals of turquoise Shimmering lightly in twirls of gold

In many of the poems on the blog he traces black lineage to the Panthera Leo and Nubian Goddesses. The poet makes you proud to be black.

The blog is clean and void of many other distractions like sidebar widgets. Perhaps deliberately done to place emphasis on the poetic words. If this was the idea, it works perfectly.

However the lack of widgets especially those that make it easier for one to find older posts like the category widget or navigation menu forces one to endlessly keep scrolling down. With prohibitive data pricing in Africa it’s wise to make your articles easily accessible.

And err…the lack of an about page …feels like reading a book without the back cover

Nothing about what to expect on the blog.

Nothing about the blogger. With myriads of blogs on the web readers often rush to the about page to see if your blog is a worthy “camping site” .

So a promise of life and an invitation to live is always welcome Dear blogger.

I kept seeing “image credit unknown” and I wondered, why not credit the site or book you found the image at least? It’s easy to find the source of an image on the web. You can use the Reverse image search app or simply long press/ right click the image until “search image on Google” pops up.

I have to say I loved the blog. The poems are excellent and the images do wonders in creating a site black people can relate to. It’s like being in Wakanda!

Reviewed site : Hands Of A Lonely Boy

Featured photo credit / artwork by nicole renee

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