Blog Review : Chronicles of a Nubian Queen
Blog Review : Chronicles of a Nubian Queen

Blog Review : Chronicles of a Nubian Queen

Chronicles of a Nubian Queen is a lifestyle blog by a South African woman identified on the site as Noloyiso. On this blog, she shares about her teaching experiences, poetry, her hair journey, guitar playing and music, visiting the gym and she also muses about love and war. 

Noloyiso helps you navigate her blog through multiple pointers arraigned on her menu tab. Quiet commendable seeing that she blogs on a variety of subjects and the posts fall like rain on this site. Talk of being on fire! She has a post up almost every 3 to 4days. 

The following categories stood out for me,

  • G-strings
  • Teacher problems
  • Nubian Hair

G strings is all about her love for music. In this category, you find lyrics to some of her favourite jams. Noloyiso has been playing the guitar since she was 17.  The name G strings is explained in one of her short musical posts:

In case you were wondering, the G-string is the 4th string from the 1st string on the 6 string (Guitar)

Teacher problems is where she shares her teaching experiences. Noloyiso teaches English. One thing I loved is the book Wall of Fame she created in her class! 

One can easily see that Noyoliso has a fond spot for her career. She also trains a girls’ netball team. However, I couldn’t find why she called the category “Teaching problems” This is a category worth celebrating because of the work she is doing at the school. Without doubt my best category on this blog.

Nubian Hair is, of course, a hair journey. She bares an obsession with her hair sharing growth, failures and discoveries. She reviews a few products also.

Some of What She does right

  • She has a consistency posting schedule. She publishes Sunday and Wednesday. Sometimes it’s just a short post like Group chats, it does wonders to keep subscribers engaged
  • She runs a guest blogger series called Anonymous. It’s a great way to generate content and bring in something fresh to her blog.
  • Noloyiso is sincere. Sincerity is a great thing for a lifestyle blog. It means you never have to struggle for content. It is also easier for your audience to resonate with your posts.

What can be improved 

  • Photos. Lifestyle blogs do well with high-quality photos. Lifestyle blogs are different than any other type of blog out there. They tend to focus on being a bit more visual sense they must use high-quality images to showcase their activities and interests.
  • Navigation. The menu is good but it serves little purpose when other posts are published as Uncategorised. These are posts that will appear nowhere on your navigation bar. Untick the Uncategorised box then tick the relevant category. This will direct the post to appear under that category making it easy to be found.
  • “Who am I” widget does justice in explaining who Noloyiso is, so maybe a change of the About me page to About the blog. It’s always great to get a heads up about the whole blog. What is it about? Why was it started? What is your vision among other things?
  • Social media links. Some, like Instagram and Twitter, are not connecting to Noloyiso’s profiles. Social media is a great way of building a loyal audience.
  • Always reply comments it makes your readers feel appreciated and want to keep coming back.

Noloyiso’s soul stuff tales are great experiences to learn from. I feel this category can be combined with Love and war seeing that they both share sentimental kind of post.

I loved the consistency, many bloggers can learn from the publishing schedule tactic. Happy blogging!

Parting words:

The greatest sadness isn’t realising something less than perfect about yourself. It is when you don’t admit it to yourself and when you don’t take steps to change it.

Noloyiso, Chronicles of a Nubian Queen

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