Blog Review : Autolife Coach
Blog Review : Autolife Coach

Blog Review : Autolife Coach

Blog review helps you to discover new African bloggers. We provide an adequately skimmed snippet of the blog so that you can decide in the shortest time period whether the blog has what you are looking for.

The Blog

Autolife Coach is a blog for young Africans by Recheal Blankson. Recheal is a 2019 winner of the World Bank Blog4Dev in Ghana. She harnesses her passion for the digital economy to help millennials

  • To stay fully on top of their game in taking advantage of opportunities found in the digital economy,
  • With Wealth creation tips,
  • as well as health and wellness advice

What to expect…

Autolife Coach has four categories making it so easy to navigate.

  • Binge Read most articles introduce you to new and exciting concepts about digital life. I learnt about an app called Skimm and how to complete my online courses. Yeah..I have been struggling with those too.
  • Side Hustle for everyone who wants to make extra money. Recheal shares examples of people who turned their side gigs into main jobs. She also shares remote working opportunities
  • Live well How do you stay healthy in this highly active digital era marred by sedentary lifestyles? Autolife Coach shares eat health advice, beauty tips and hacks that can save you so much time.
  • Start a blog Your online presence must be shaped,structured and well prepared for opportunities. Recheal has got you on this end by taking you through ways of starting a thriving blog and maintaining one.

The blog in three words…

Informative, Relevant, Exciting!

The Verdict…

If you want to be a smart digital person, who uses time efficiently to create wealth while staying health this blog is for you!

This is one of the few blogs in which I learnt something new with each blog post. I couldn’t stop reading…the headings are intelligently crafted and the articles deliver value beyond what the headings promise!

Its a 5 star blog for me!

I would recommend you read it on mobile, its more live than on desktop where its spaced and looks dull.

Let me not delay you. Rush there, begin with this article, Staying Relevant and Competitive in a digital Economy.

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