Best Of The Year #BOTY2020
Best Of The Year #BOTY2020

Best Of The Year #BOTY2020

As has become an adopted tradition some bloggers do a blogmas rendition in December. Here we invite you to join along The Best Of The Year #BOTY2020 think of it as your very own awards ceremony where you look back on the year and pluck out some of the memorable highlights..

Did you read a good book? Did you watch a good movie or TV series, how about an unforgettable meal, yeah, there was COVID but did you travel anywhere or if you could, where would you want to go, have you discovered any apps or software?… How about bloggers, met any new bloggers this year?


What rules? 2020 has been such a hectic year we couldn’t bear to put additional instructions for you to follow, think of these as guidelines you can write all 25 (in no particular order) or just pick the ones which resonate with you, you have creative liberty to interpret in your own way.

Best of the year 2020 prompts #BOTY2020

And of course don’t forget to tag us when you share and use the hashtag #BOTY2020 We excited, are you excited? Lets get this festive season swinging.

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