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Category Description
Expressive Content creator expresses their thoughts, feelings and views on a variety of things often from personal experiences.
Arts Content creator celebrates heritage, through spotlighting artists, museums, galleries, festivals, and archives the history of African people
Wellness Content creator focuses on Heart, Body, Soul, or Mind offering personal or group development. Examples: Health, fitness, spirituality, motivation, dating advice
Business Content creator informs, educates, criticizes, and/or analyze developments in the business world. 
Guide Content creator dwells on how to do certain things like parenting, gardening, sometimes based on their own personal experiences.
Activism The content creator brings attention to social issues through awareness, advocacy, and/or lobbying.
Creative Writing Content creator showcases their narrative craft, character development or analysis of original creative work through the use of literary tropes, various traditions of poetry, poetics, or book reviews
Food and Drink The content creator focuses on food and drink. Examples: Eating places review, recipes, cookery, dieting tips.
Travel  The content creator inspires our sense of adventure through sharing travel tips, reviews, and tricks that save people money, time and minimizes travel stress.
Tech and Science Tech trends, digital developments, and news. Innovation reviews, STEM-focused content.
Fresh Voice For the most promising content creator with an exciting niche approach or innovative storytelling technique.
Lifestyle The content creator focuses on inspiring improved style aesthetics through tips and advice. 






 Collaboration/Guest project 

Those that associate, promote and contribute to African storytelling and the Afrobloggers community



For outstanding digital work that is that is published by a group of two or more.




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