A Song for Newbies
A Song for Newbies

A Song for Newbies

Occasionally, bloggers and other content creators compose letters to their past selves, not necessarily in terms of age, but reflecting on the insights they wish they had when beginning their creative journeys. Often, our initial foray into blogging is born out of a phase, a trial-and-error process, or a moment of enthusiasm. The outcomes of these beginnings vary widely: for some, it evolves into a thriving online journal or platform; for others, it paves the way for diverse creative opportunities. Additionally, there are those who, through their creative ventures, embark on a journey of self-discovery. Concurrently, some individuals find that the initial excitement wanes after a few posts, revealing the realization that creating content might not align with their aspirations.

In essence, the act of starting a blog becomes a portal to diverse outcomes. These range from successful digital journals to newfound paths of self-exploration. Simultaneously, it unveils the spectrum of creative inclination, revealing both the potential for expansion and the recognition of a different calling. This journey might culminate after a few initial posts, hinting at the intricacies of personal compatibility with the creative process. In summary, the act of creation is an odyssey that unravels in myriad directions, encompassing self-realization, evolving aspirations, and the acknowledgment of one’s creative affinity.

There are a few things we at Afrobloggers would very much wish for you to know, essential aspects for new bloggers, vloggers and podcasters to contemplate.

Posting regularly is key. It helps your audience know when to expect new content and builds their trust. Set a realistic schedule that you can maintain over the long term. So never take the song of Consistency lightly when an established blogger sings it to you, it’s a real tale.

Authenticity is vital. Write in your own voice and share your unique perspective. Readers are drawn to bloggers who are genuine and relatable. Always remember to be Yourself in every sense of it otherwise you may be a one hit wonder.

Finding your writing style takes time. Experiment with different tones, styles, and topics until you discover what resonates with both you and your audience. Your voice will evolve over time. Don’t rush to have an identity, take all the time to find your voice, it’s why famous creators stand out, it’s why Michael Angelo, Wagner, and Dickens stood out.

Becoming an authority takes time and consistent effort. Focus on creating high-quality, well-researched content that provides value to your readers, listeners and those that will spare time to watch your videos. Networking with others in your niche and guest posting can also help boost your credibility.

The time it takes varies widely based on factors like niche, competition, and your dedication. It might take several months to a few years and most likely years to truly establish yourself as an authority. We grew up listening to Joe Logan, now he is a household name with his podcast. Patience and persistence are key.

Content creation is a journey a melody you should never forget. Stay committed to improving your skills, engaging with your audience, and adapting to changes in your niche. It’s about growth and learning as much as it is about reaching a destination. We live in a fast-paced world and keeping relevant is all we need but at what cost and on which path do we archive it?

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