Creating A Blogging Strategy
Creating A Blogging Strategy

Creating A Blogging Strategy

I created a simple blogging strategy for a personal blog and I thought I should share in case someone needs direction…..

Blogging Strategy
1. What is your big why?
 Why do you write? Why did you start a blog?
Purpose of a blog
2. What are your main themes?
Can you pick 3-4 main themes? Do you have sub themes? List-
Themes of a blog
3. SMART Goals.
These being: 
Specific. Measurable. Achievable. Relevant. Timebound

SMART goals for a blog
4. Target Audience.
Who are you writing for? Is there a primary audience? Is there a secondary audience?
Target Audience for a blog
Bonus : Tactics
What tactics will you use to support your strategy? How many times a week will you post? etc
List and test them.

Originally shared as an X (formerly Twitter) thread by Denzel on 4 January 2024

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